Plastic Abrasives

Plastic Abrasive is manufactured from ground thermoset resins to produce sharp, angular grains for safe, clean and efficient shotblast cleaning of rubber mould tools and deflashing of plastic parts.

With conventional shot blast systems and abrasive cleaner the tool surface becomes pitted and dull. This surface pitting results in a premature build up of deposits and the tool requires regular cleaning. It is a fast, environmentally acceptable and cost effective alternative to chemical and hand stripping. Its anti-static properties reduces the building up of dust and increase the flow of the media through the system.

Plastic abrasives is harder then the coatings but softer then the components. Thus the blasting is harmless to the materials.


  • Non Toxic
  • Anti Static
  • Environmentally Safe

Suitable for:

  • Dry stripping laminates and exotic materials
  • General surface preparation
  • Deburring and electronic applications such as cleaning printed circuit boards
  • stripping aircraft and aerospace components
  • use on plastic and fibreglass blasting

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