Steel Grit

Steel Grit is manufactured from  high carbon cast steel Shot, crushed to granular form and subsequently tempered to three different hardness (GH, GL and GP) to cater for different applications. After tempering, the grit is mechanically screened to produce 10 grades conforming to SAE standard specifications for blasting grits.

Grades of different sizes and/or hardness specifically for specialized applications, ie roll etching, granite cutting are also produced. The angular shape and relative hardness of Steel Grit ensures rapid cleaning rates and excellent recyclability.  

Benefits :

  • Does not fracture easily

Suitable for:

  • Removal of paint, epoxy, enamel, rubber and other coatings.
  • Etching
  • Cleaning
  • Sand and rust removal cast iron, surface blast cleaning
  • Stone surface texturing

Resources & Technical Information

Steel Grit

Steel Grit

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